Here's what they're saying about Karen Dalton:

"Karen posesses the gift every artist strives for.  Passion.   This passion is most evident in her songwriting and her music.  She deserves to be heard."
Joe Bellia, drummer (Dave Mason, Cyndi Lauper, Southside Johnny and the Asbury Jukes)

"Karen's songs hit a raw nerve thanks to her ability to purge her emotion into song. Her voice stands for those without a voice, and speaks volumes in every song."
Michael-Anthony Smith, disc jockey, WRVV - the River, 97.3 FM (Clear Channel radio in Harriburg, Pa)

"One word to sum up Dalton?  Articulate, emotional, precise, talented and fluid.  Okay, that's more than one word.  Limited to one word, the best would likely be driven and committed.  Sorry again, but one word alone is likely not sufficient...On stage, Karen's picking on her beautiful Taylor 6 string is captivating.  (Did I mention she's talented?)  Her choice of  material -- rock, folk, pop, originals -- is impeccable.  (Did I mention she's fluid?)...Overall, it appears Karen Dalton is the type of conjurer not totally satisfied in trying to fool you into transportation to a single non-existant musical planetary place.  She seems more aspirant of, and is dead set on, creating an entire imaginary milky way worthy of exploration."
John Train, columnist, Pennsylvania Musician Magazine

"Karen's sincere, well-written songs will certainly turn ears in today's acoustic music scene."
Marshall P. Deasy, IV, owner, Stress Free Studios

"As songwriters, we try to convey to our audience a certain mood or feeling we can't express in speech.  Karen does this effortlessly, without the use of cheesy metaphors or cliché."
Kevin Neidig of Voxology

"Solo acoustic act of relaxing guitar and soulful lyrics about confusion and love."
Program note from Karen's showcase, MILLENIUM 2000

"It is obvious Karen's songs draws upon her own life and her own experiences.  That's why her music comes straight from the heart."
Julie Moffitt, performer and recording artist


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